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Understand your spending without linking your bank. Skwad syncs all your transactions using your bank's built-in email alerts.

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Skwad Spending

Turn bank alerts into categorized transactions

Skwad Scan Email Data Flow

How it works

1. Get a Skwad scan email address

Sign up to receive your dedicated Skwad scan email address.

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2. Transaction alerts

Set up spending & deposit alerts from your bank or credit card provider to your Skwad scan email address. Skwad instantly converts these alerts into categorized transactions in the app.

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3. Upload old transactions (optional)

You should be good to go for new transactions. Upload your old transactions to get your complete financial picture.

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Auto-categorize transactions on every swipe, tap, and transfer

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Available in USA and Canada

Everything you need to navigate your financial journey

Understand your finances

Auto-import transactions from bank alerts
Import from receipt uploads
Import from email attachments like CSV & PDF
Manual import

Customize your expenses

Recategorize, split, or hide transactions
Breakdown into line items
Enhance transactions with receipt data
Group transactions

Reliable connectivity

Sync directly from the source, not intermediaries
No more broken reconnections
No more reconnection with passwords & 2FA codes
No delayed transactions

Take control of your spending

Visualize your cashflow & categories
Compare spending to previous periods
See recurring charges
Export your data for offline analysis

Never miss a payment again

Get alerts for upcoming bills
Loan payment reminders
Sync bills to your calendar
Wave goodbye to late fees

Become a pro with your Skwad

Invite one or more people
Share transactions and insights
Split expenses between members
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Our users love Skwad

Customer Review

Skwad is the only app that solves my problem. Other apps don't have support for my older bank, but I do get email alerts and Skwad parses them well.

Cecilia B.

Customer Review

I stopped using other apps because I was forced to re-sync my accounts EVERY SINGLE TIME I logged in. I've never had this issue with Skwad, and my transactions appear instantly.

Derek Z.

Customer Review

I use Skwad to track my personal and business transactions. I uploaded over 6000 transactions and they were processed instantly.

Tammy C.

Customer Review

I was never comfortable with sharing my bank passwords, so I used spreadsheets. Before Skwad I spent hours manually adding each transaction into my tracker. Skwad saves me hours every month.

Sonya O.

Customer Review

Before Skwad, the apps I tried all had the same connection problems with my bank. Skwad is the only app that never has issues pulling my transactions.

Jason C.

Customer Review

As a Canadian looking for a Mint alternative, Skwad is the best option I've found.

Elliot K.

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Security & privacy concerns? We've got you covered

Read the fine print. Your money may not be insured if your bank password is leaked through a third-party app.

Spend TrackingSpend Tracking

Your password isn't the only thing at risk. Finance apps and their data providers have access to more information than you think.

With third-party providers

  • Full account number
  • Routing numbers
  • Legal name and address
  • Full transaction history
  • And more...

With Skwad, you're in control

  • Transaction and balance alerts you forward to Skwad

Frequently asked questions

What is a Skwad scan email address?

After signing up, you'll receive a unique email address from Skwad. You can forward email receipts, spending alerts from your bank, or send attachments to this address to have them processed. See how it works.

Can I automatically import transactions?

Yes. At Skwad, we're not fans of sharing bank logins. But you can still automate your expense tracking by setting up spending alerts from your bank to Skwad.

Is my bank supported?

Your bank is supported if they have email alerts for transactions. Most modern banks and older credit unions have this feature. Check out our list of common accounts that work with Skwad.

My bank only allows one email. Can I still use Skwad?

Yes. Your bank alerts can be forwarded to Skwad from your primary email address.

Can I upload my old transactions?

Yes. You can upload CSVs from services like Mint, or your bank or credit card provider.

Can I manually add transactions?

Of course! You can manually add transactions in the app by typing them in or uploading a receipt image.

Can I add my income?

Yes. Skwad will automatically process deposit alerts from your bank and categorize them as income.

How long do transactions take to process?

When you setup automatic bank spending alerts, transactions show up in Skwad instantly.

For uploads, it depends on how much text is on the receipt. Your average coffee shop or grocery store receipt will be processed in under a minute.

What file formats can I upload?

You can upload images (jpg, png, heic) directly on the website or forward emails and CSV attachments to your dedicated Skwad scan email address.

What are the benefits of inviting others to join my Skwad?

Depending on your goals, collaborating on expense tracking makes it easier to manage shared expenses and stay organized as a group.

Is there a limit to the number of receipts or transactions I can scan/upload?

No. There is no limit to the number of receipts or transactions.

Can I export my spending data for analysis or tax purposes?

Yes, you can export all your transactions as a CSV file for your accountant or for your own analysis.

Are there different subscription plans available, and how do they differ?

Yes, see our pricing section for more details.

Why Skwad?

No passwords. No ads. No compromises.

Our goal is to help you maintain your privacy and security while making better financial decisions. Sadly, the finance industry has become too comfortable with requiring you to provide your bank passwords to various apps and their third-party partners. Unlike other services, Skwad never knows your bank passwords, account and routing numbers, or private information like your address or legal name β€” just simple transaction tracking and analysis.

Skwad doesn't require your bank login, so there's no need to re-link accounts. Skwad's approach is also faster because your bank sends alerts immediately, and we process them instantly. Other apps typically refresh only after you login, or on a schedule, which can be hours or days after your purchase.

We are here to assist you on your financial journey, and we promise never to sell you any unnecessary loans or credit cards. Additionally, we will never sell your data.

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