Why Skwad?

If you're here, you've tried other budgeting apps, but something is missing. After stripping away the nice graphs and sleek interfaces, you notice they're all clones underneath. They all rely on third-party providers that repeatedly misuse and sell your data. These same providers are why you're forced to relink your account for the 100th time and why you can't connect smaller banks or credit unions.

Skwad is different in every way

  • You never have to link any of your accounts.
  • We do not rely on third-party providers like Plaid, MX, or Finicity.
  • We sync your transactions instantly.

There's no catch β€” there are more banks with native email alerts than are integrated with third-party providers.

Skwad is secure and we never ask for your bank passwords.

Skwad is reliable because we skip the middleman when syncing your transactions.

Skwad is fast because your bank emails us your activity immediately. We don't have to go searching for it.

Skwad founder

Hi, I'm Tolu, the founder.

Seven years ago, I was part of the original investment and banking engineering team at NerdWallet. I manage my money and write Tolu's Notes, a personal finance blog for young investors. Skwad is my third company, and I've raised over a million dollars from VCs in the past.

At Skwad, our users are our top priority. We are proud to be fully independent and 100% funded by you. Your subscription supports us in maintaining and enhancing Skwad and underscores your confidence in our unwavering commitment to your financial privacy and security.

You can email me if you have more questions about Skwad.

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