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Importing Old Transactions to Skwad App

Mar 24, 2024

Importing old transactions to Skwad is very easy.

Step 1: Export or download your old transactions from services like Mint or your bank or credit card provider.

Step 2: At this point, most CSV files are ready to upload, but double check that your data has the following columns:

  • Date: MM/dd/yyyy or yyyy-MM-dd
  • Description: The transaction description
  • Amount: The transaction amount (see below for debit and credit)
  • Transaction Type: This is optional. If provided, it should be debit or credit or d or c
  • Category: This is optional but recommended
  • Account Name: This is optional

Step 3: Rename columns to match. For example Transaction Date should be renamed to Date.

Step 4: Email the updated CSV as an attachment to your Skwad scan email address. You can find your skwad scan eamil address in your account settings after logging in.

That's it. Your transactions will show up in your account in seconds.

The following file extensions are supported: csv, xlsx, xls

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