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How to automatically forward transactions and receipts from Gmail to Skwad

Apr 20, 2024

Managing your personal or business finances means constantly juggling bank statements, credit card bills, and expense receipts. Even with the rise of budgeting apps, organizing and tracking all that financial data can feel like a full-time job.

That's where the power of email forwarding and Skwad's intuitive transaction parsing comes in. By setting up some simple inbox rules, you can automatically sync your payment confirmations, income notifications, and expense receipts straight into Skwad's categorized transaction feed. No more manual data entry or receipt hoarding is required!

Here's how to get started:

1. Create Your Skwad Account

Sign up for Skwad to receive your personalized Skwad scan email address, such as "[email protected]." This is your dedicated inbox for syncing various financial notifications.

2. Set Up Email Forwarding Rules in Gmail

Next, you'll want to create email forwarding rules in your Gmail inbox to send key financial messages to your Skwad Scan addresses automatically:

β€’ For income/deposits, set up a rule to forward emails from your employer, freelance clients, bank, etc., to your Skwad scan inbox.

β€’ For expenses, create a rule to forward receipt emails from vendors, travel providers, and other payment confirmations.

To do this in Gmail:

  1. Open Gmail and go to Settings > Filters and Blocked Addresses
  2. Click "Create a new filter."
  3. Set up your forwarding criteria (e.g., from, subject line, etc.)
  4. Check the "Forward it to" box and enter the respective Skwad Scan address
  5. Create a filter

The exact steps may vary slightly depending on your Gmail settings, but the general process is straightforward.

3. Skwad Does the Rest

Once you've set up the forwarding, Skwad's AI-powered parsing engine starts working. It automatically reads the forwarded emails in your Skwad Scan inboxes, extracts all the critical transaction details like amount, merchant, and date, and categorizes them within your Skwad account.

Just like that, your finances are effortlessly tracked and organized - no manual data entry is required. You can then access your consolidated transaction history and spending analytics within the Skwad app or sync to Google Sheets.

Get a better understanding of your finances today.

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