How Skwad Scan Inboxes Automate Your Financial Life

Apr 20, 2024

Skwad's solution leverages your email inbox to automatically capture and categorize financial transactions. If you're tired of manually tracking your income and expenses, Skwad Scan might change how you think about money management.

The core idea behind Skwad Scan is simplicity - connect your income sources and payment accounts to your unique @scan.skwad.app email addresses to receive notifications. Skwad's AI parsing engine then reads those emails, extracting critical transaction data like a merchant, amount, date, and payment method. Voilà! Your finances are categorized without any effort on your part.

Here's a quick step-by-step on using Skwad's Scan Email:

1. Sign Up for a Skwad account

Create your Skwad account. You'll automatically receive a unique Skwad Scan email address like [email protected].

2. Update Notification Preferences

Go into each income source or payment account and update the notification email to your email address. You can do this for your banks, credit card providers, and other accounts. Alternatively, you can set forwarding rules from your primary email address to your Skwad scan email.

3. Skwad Parses Notifications

From now on, payment confirmations and income notifications will be automatically forwarded to your Skwad Scan inboxes. Skwad's AI will parse these emails and convert them into categorized transactions in your finance feed.

That's it! You instantly have a unified view of your entire financial journey without doing any of the heavy lifting.

Skwad Scan supports any email format as long as it contains a merchant name and amount. It also works with payment methods such as mobile wallets, credit/debit cards, peer transfers, bank alerts, and more.

The beauty is that you get effortless transaction tracking while maintaining complete privacy over your financial accounts and identity. No credentials or bank linking are required—just those unique Skwad Scan inboxes working their magic behind the scenes.

With automatic Email parsing via Skwad, you can finally wave goodbye to fragmented bank data, missing transactions, and outdated spreadsheets. Embrace radically simplified finance tracking by connecting your inboxes to Skwad today!

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