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Track Apple Card Purchases with Skwad

Apr 12, 2024

For anyone embracing the convenience of mobile payments, Apple Card has become an indispensable part of the daily financial routine. However, keeping track of those cashless transactions can be tricky when spread across various apps and accounts. That's where Skwad comes in, offering a brilliant solution to sync and categorize your Apple Card activity automatically.

Skwad is a modern finance tracking app that does not require bank linking. Instead, it leverages advanced AI to convert your spending and income notifications into categorized transactions directly. This innovative approach keeps your financial data private while providing seamless money management.

One of Skwad's standout features is its deep integration with iOS users of Apple Card. By simply connecting your Apple Card notifications with the app, Skwad will automatically import and categorize each payment for you. No more manually reconciling those missing "wallet" transactions!

You can either add your Skwad scan email address for notifications or set up auto-forwarding rules from your primary email to your Skwad for all purchases.

That's it! From that point onwards, each Apple Card purchase will be securely detected and logged as a transaction within the Skwad app, populated with crucial details like merchant, amount, and date.

Skwad's intelligent AI automatically categorizes these payments based on merchant category information. For example, Starbucks would be bucketed under "Food & Dining," while Uber would fall into the "Transportation" category. You also have the flexibility to create custom categories to provide richer context around your unique spending habits.

With seamlessly integrated Apple Card activity, Skwad provides an accurate 360-degree view of your income and expenditure: no more missing transaction pieces or fragmented data to muddy your financial picture. Review and analyze your unified spending directly within the app's clean interface or connect it to export transactions to your preferred apps and tools.

Embrace the benefits of mobile payments while keeping your finances fully tracked and organized. Connect your Apple Card to Skwad today for unparalleled visibility into your cash flow!

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